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Summer Murdock

Conference + Workshop

Documentary photographer


Summer Murdock

Conference + Workshop

Family Photographer


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60 Minute Talk, simultaneous translation English / French / Spanish

Are you doing everything right in your photography “technically” speaking but still feel as though your images are falling flat?

Do you want to be more than just technically on-point and, instead, create images that make both you and your clients feel something? In this class, Summer will share how her attitude and work hugely shifted when she finally let go of all those voices in her head telling her what she should be doing and, instead, started doing exactly what she wanted to do. it’s not easy to stay inspired and continuously churn out photography work we love, but is possible… and you don’t have to walk around feeling “on fire” to it, only curious.

Come learn not only about specific techniques that have stretched Summer creatively and made her a better, more confident photographer, but also have helped her to fall deeper in love with the process of making images than she ever thought possible. Learn how to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, the unexpected benefits of shooting regularly, mastering challenging light, experimenting with different lenses, slow shutters, freelensing, and even shooting underwater! Get ready to dig deep and make some meaningful creative strides in your work!


SATURDAY  18 APRIL  /  09 AM – 07 PM. This workshop is in English and translated into Spanish

The Magic of Light

Summer will be teaching her wildly popular online workshop that sells out in literally seconds IN PERSON.

Summer has a profound sense of wonder and awe for light. She would argue that light can turn something ordinary into something otherworldly. It has the ability to amplify emotions and connections in images and speak straight to the heart. Light is one of the factors that takes an image from good to awe-inspring.

So if light is key in creating interesting images, are we really in control of it? Do we walk into a situation and really SEE the light and know how to use it to it’s fullest potential intentionally? The Magic of Light will push you to slow down, open your eyes and really SEE the light around you with fresh eyes. Happy accidents are awesome, but to really be in control of your craft, you should be able to walk into any situation and use the available light to it’s fullest potential. This class will encourage you to think outside the box and experiment with all kinds of light both indoors and outdoors. We will cover hazy backlight, dramatic sun-flare, rim light, heavily shadowed light, full sun, overcast, available artificial light, and more.

The Magic of Light will push you creatively as well as give you new technical knowledge and confidence that will help you let go of any fears about controlling the light around you and help you get the images that are stuck in your head out into your camera. All light may not be equal, but you really can make an interesting image in any kind of light.

What you will learn:

  • explore how to slow down, be inspired by light and see it with fresh eyes
  • understand how to create varying degrees of haze and control it with intention vs luck
  • explore how to achieve dramatic sun-flare
  • identify the specific conditions that create dramatic rim-light
  • explore the important role shadow plays in relation to light
  • learn how to best utilize the light after the sun goes down
  • explore how to get creative through manipulating exposures
  • identify some practical tips to make the most of overcast or flat light
  • learn to embrace full sun. Life doesn’t always happen during the golden hour
  • explore ways to use artificial light in creative ways


Summer Murdock is a Salt Lake City, Utah based commercial and family photographer as well as a photography educator. She divides her time between clicking her shutter button on behalf of some of some of the finest brands around, teaching her wildly popular online photo workshop The Magic of Light, (which has sold out in literally seconds for the past 7 years) and raising and photographing her own four children.

She is inspired by the quirky stuff kids do, weird and wonderful human connections, pretty light, and the great outdoors. Utah and all of its amazing landscapes is the perfect place for Summer to merge these elements in her work. When she isn’t shooting, she’s running and teaching at the online photography school she co-founded, Illuminate Classes. In her free time, she seeks out every opportunity to hang outside in the sunshine, exploring and going on adventures with her husband and kids.